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untitled by Sid Black on Flickr.

zuiko 50mm f/1.4 landscape austria snow winter olympus om-1

そこは緑ノ森 by yuyu** on Flickr.

hasselblad distagon 500c 120film 120 下鴨神社 6×6 kyoto 糺ノ森 film


I went for a name change since I felt that my focus from analysing ancient historical sources and the and ancient world had changed to a much broader look at my work. As such, I have opted for the appropriate, and oddly available blog URL and title Another Muddy Hole.

This name change came from an archivist highlighting the importance of labelling photos, since otherwise it is just “another muddy hole”. However, oddly, my lecturer once stopped half way though a lecture to realise they recognised that random exemplum muddy hole. Turns out they had accidentally stumbled upon a photo of ‘their hole’ on the internet that they had dug way back in the 80s.

I also live in England, and my Greek archaeologist lecturer once complained that Greece is hot, but you don’t get tench foot, worms, and clay stuck to everything. So a muddy hole is the life of an archaeologist. And we are predominately stuck in them from dawn till dusk. And here is my little muddy hole.

So that is that. Another Muddy Hole is my new home!

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